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Elite Tactical Security Training

Who We Are


Elite Tactical Security Training is one of the most remarkable institutes of security training in Texas, offering a variety of affordable, in-person, and online security guard training. Our training classes comply with the laws and regulations of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

We also offer job opportunities to our students after completing the training and certifications. Our mission is to educate and train our candidates to become highly equipped security officers familiar with updated armed technologies. We offer flexible in-person and online classes to facilitate learning at your own pace.

To produce both effective and capable security professionals, quality training is important. With a team of experienced instructors, we will provide you the best knowledge and expertise required to become a professional security office.  Our instructors have over 30 years of experience in the security industry, while some are former law enforcement officers.

Our future goal is to become the best training facility in DFW Region, establish training institutes in every city, educate and train candidates to become professional security officers.

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